Giving away music and measuring effectiveness


Ideas to start promoting my website

Since one of the top priorities in having your website online is traffic, I decided to conduct a little social experiment that I have called "Christmas Games". The purpose for the visitors will be to download for free the album I made as a soloist some years ago.

Games that are not what they seem

Although I develop it as a game, the second purpose is to measure the reach of my social network publications. Today the internet provides us with many technological tools to measure the impact of what we publish. That's why using the google tag manager I intend to measure the traffic to my website in real time, after publishing in my social network accounts.

What do you get for participating and what do I get?

We can see the positive side of everything, most of the time. Everyone who participates can download the Inspiration album, as long as they meet the challenge of finding the key to access the download. In the same way, I can gain practice in generating what they call user retention and organic traffic to my website.

Even though the contest only took up a little of their time, the reward is very good because without feeling like a big deal, this record was made with a lot of effort and has the participation of great musicians.

Talking a little bit about World Music

World music? World Music? What is it about... Basically every time a musician involves diverse rhythms and traditional music from different countries in the same album, we can talk about world music. This work represents the traditional music of many countries.

  • Africa: playing with Afro-Latin and Arabic rhythms.

  • North America: some traditional songs and rhythms of northern tribes.

  • South America: rhythms from Venezuela, Colombia and the Andean regions.

  • Fusions combining various rhythms, instruments and countries.

What began as a "brother let's record an album" on a special night, ended up being an anthropological study full of ancient medicines and ancient and modern traditions. I hope you enjoy it. And don't forget to look for the key :).

santa navidad

santa navidad

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