Posting after Deployment


So I have concluded the tutorial. I must say thanks to Andrew Mead because he is doing a great job while teaching people about Web Development.

In order to complete this tutorial I have used:

The app Diagram is the following: Using GatsbyJS as a JS framework, we have access to create the web app. Using reactjs we can construct the web site as components, so we can reuse them and keep the code organised. While using GraphQL we can connect data from an outer source(i.e. API, DB, CMS) to our app so we can use dynamic data. In this case we hace used a third party app called contentful which allows us write posts that later we can load in our site. FInally by having an account on github we can store the data of the app and then public the source files into a production app using Netlify.



Creado por Saturno Mangieri © 2020


Potenciado por

  • GatsbyJs
  • ReactJs
  • GraphQL
  • Contentful
  • Javascript
  • Pexels
  • Icons8