Social Networking Experiment Completed


After 2 publications in FB/ Whatsapp and Instagram

A total, according to Google Analytics, of 38 new users who visited the website. Not bad for only two publications. A graph can be noticed below:

Resumen de adquisición Google Analytics

Resumen de adquisición Google Analytics

Giving is how you get

I know it reads like a cliché, not to say vague, but it is very true that one way to attract people to a website or an app is through something that can be offered to them. In my case, giving away the album was a great incentive, although I imagine some people felt challenged by the proposed game.

From some countries

Another interesting detail is that nowadays we can examine almost everything digitally. In the following graphic you can see some of the countries from which they visited my website.

Resumen de datos demográficos

Resumen de datos demográficos


Although the value of human beings is time, it seems we are still a little blinded by the game of reward and I include myself. Over the next few months I will be trying out various materials that I can create, either as video or PDF to give away and continue to attract visitors to my website. Thank you all for participating.

Note: For now, the album will no longer be free. In the meantime you can buy it :D.

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