Full-Stack Development and easy way to get Lost


While learning the web technologies I had the idea to document each and every step in my learning path. I hope this can help other people like me in the future somehow.

Full-Stack Development and easy way to get Lost

As the title says "it is very easy to get lost". We can find a lot of paths and knowledge out there. It can get very confusing. So far some of the resources I recommend, after followed all of them, are:

  • FreeCodeCamp: This is a very nice place to start. Here you can find the basics about programming and also the base knowledge you will need to start.

  • TheOdinProject: Another great resource in order to improve yourself while walking to the path of coding the web.

This two websites may take you a while. Everything will depend on how fast you learn and how willing you are to do what it takes.

An important Advice

No matter where you start you may find yourself the same way I did.

Ok so now I am studying all of this. What should I do to keep going? Where should I head to?

The most importan thing is set a path for yourself. You must take a moment to think:

  1. What is my main goal?

  2. What do I need to do to get there?

  3. Am I setting realistic goals in certain period of time?

Those answers may be the difference between doing the things with a purpose or not. While having a defined path for yourself you can motivate and establish a line of work.

Too much content right?

Anytime you feel overwhelmed, you may say to yourself:

Relax, take a deep breath and see how much you have improved yourself.

This is what I tell myself in order to keep going no matter what. Anytime I feel a bit down or lost in so many coding and styling I take a look of the first website I designed:

first rocco's website

first rocco's website

Take a look of the demo version

This is why I wanted to keep going in order to go from that to the actual website for this writer.

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