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Crypto Jobs Platform

Type of website: Stand-alone jobs platform. Multi-user.

Important fact: All the technologies used offer you free accounts, and as your project grows, that's when you pay for services.

Jobaboard has the following features:

  • Modifiable user profile.

  • 3-level access control. Administrators, users and public.

  • Blockchain log-in system.

  • MongoDB database.

  • Use of HIVE API.

  • Configurable job profile.

  • Creation of jobs in two types. Employee and employer.

  • Creation and edition of NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

  • Real-time multi-user chat. Thanks to the Beechat API.

  • Profiles of studies, skills and abilities, editable for each user.

  • Job orders.

  • Buy and sell tokens and NFTs.

  • Logging and trading history files.

  • Administration system to manipulate almost every aspect of the platform, including triggering Netlify compilation from within the platform and editing the HIVE blog.

  • Internal micro-economics.

  • Editable and configurable blog.

  • Fully customizable layouts for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

  • Real-time visitor registration system.

  • Among others.

This platform makes use of the following technologies:

  1. Gatsbyjs and reactjs, as user interface framework. Front-end.

  2. Beechat API, for real-time chat management.

  3. HIVE blockchain API, to manage: blog, NFTs, tokens and cryptocurrencies.

  4. Hive Key Chain & Hivesigner as login and interaction methods with the HIVE blockchain (formerly known as Steemit).

  5. Mongo Atlas, as primary mongoDB database for data storage and operations. Back-end.

  6. Nodejs and express, as back-end processing and server.

  7. Netlify as CDN for Front-end code management.

  8. Cloudinary as CDN & project image repository.

  9. Heroku as Back-end CDN as hosting and Back-end server execution.

  10. Git as version control & Github as main repository of the platform.

  11. Javascript as parent development language.

  12. Html & CSS as web design and responsive media

  13. Google Tags as real-time editor of visits and event logs.

Beautiful Difficulties Without a doubt it has been the most challenging project I've had so far. This platform provides users of a cryptocurrency network called HIVE, post jobs and make use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. It should be noted that it has been my first job as a Fullstack developer.

Blockchain Technology This platform allows to make use of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency as a means of exchange and job allocation. The initial idea came from the person who hired me: @Aggroed. I wanted users who already have an account on the HIVE network to have a place to apply for jobs and use tokens.

I'm sure you are familiar with fivver or freelancer. They offer platforms where you can find professionals in different areas but using FIAT money. At Jobaboard we use the same approach but instead of using FIAT money we use tokens.

"Frank posts a job called 'I do websites for 2 of my tokens'. His tokens are called FRANKS. Now, Saturn wants to hire Frank and when I issue the order and pay, the system creates 2 FRANK tokens and sends them to my account. So not only am I paying for the service of having a website but I also now own 2 tokens that I can sell on the platform's marketplace or keep."

You can see the platform live at

If you would like to get a demo account, feel free to write me on my contact page to coordinate details.

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